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Clement Greenberg Talks

Autonomies of Art: Virginia Tech, 1979

Virginia Tech hosted a symposium titled MORAL PHILOSOPHY AND ART at the Mountain Lake Resort in 1979. (This resort was used as the set for the movie DIRTY DANCING in 1987.) Clem was joined by Donald Kuspit, Robert Pincus-Witten, and Jan van der Mark over the several days the symposium ran, which was orgainized by Ray Kass and John Link. "Autonomies of Art" was the title he chose for his talk. It includes a clear statement about where art stands in the general scheme of values he held dear. That place may surprise some today, as it surprised many in 1979. You can read the entire text of his talk here:  The Greenberg site: Autonomies. Q and A went on for a long time, as many in the audience disagreed with his position. Audio courtesy of Virginia Tech.

Talk Itself, 29:15

Q and A, 1:02:26

Questions include:

On Taste: Western Michigan University, 1983

In 1983 Western Michigan University sponsored a series of talks on taste. With a warning he would speak no longer than 30 minutes, he proceeded to talk for almost an hour. The tape we used was good for just 45 minutes, so there were a few words lost, at 45:00. You can read the entire text of his talk here:  The Greenberg site: Taste. Q and A went almost as long. Audio courtesy of Western Michigan University.

Talk Itself, 54:23

Q and A, 50:49

Questions include:

The Art Scene: Wayne State University, 1990

Clem spoke briefly at Wayne State on this subject, along with Hilton Kramer. I recorded his talk sitting in the audience. The talk itself is fairly clear. The Q and A not so much, but I include it for those who wish to listen to the rest of what turned out to be one of Clem's last public appearances. Q and A went on for a long time and included questions for both speakers. The night before just Clem spoke informally in the art department's studio building to a small group, which I did not record. Audio courtsey of John Link.

Talk Itself, 15:06

Q and A, 1:05:49

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