The Ugly  - What if nobody wants your art? Paul Ruscha

Artbroken  - What art is and how we stopped making it. Darby Bannard

Mimimalism Mastered  - The meaning of a long standing term in art history is revised. John Link

Academy, Marketplace, and the End of Institutionalized Taste  - Fractured taste and art. Franklin Einspruch

Proficiency and Pathology: Postmodernism in the Foundations Classroom  - Is it true there is a silent majority that rejects PoMo? Darby Bannard

Perceiving Beauty  - Beauty does not need truth. John Link

The Slippery Slope of Hope  - Clement Greenberg and the fragility of culture. John Link

A Letter from a Friend  - Here's how one puzzled collector sees what is going on today; from Jack

The Future of Abstract Art  - Darby Bannard responds to Hilton Kramer's pessimism; from The New Criterion. Darby Bannard

Barley Soup and Art: High and Low  - Jules Olitski talks about "What Happened to the Arts? in his own inimitable way. Jules Olitski

When the illusion is lost, the art is hard to find ...  - Just because Modernism is over doesn't mean PoMo rules Davis's art. Ronald Davis

Art in an Era of Intolerance  - The Deputy Director of the National Endowment for the Humanities talks about the art wars. Lynne Munson

Frakenthaler Works On Paper At MoCA  - Sometimes Miami gets a good show. Darby Bannard

Faces and Figures at FIU: A Hard Look  - Miami stands up to NYC. Darby Bannard

Value and Validation  - "Ah!" versus buzz. Franklin Einspruch

Big Culture and the Great Pomo Dumbdown  - The plight of art in a time of "Postart". Darby Bannard

Modernism and Postmodernism in Miami  - The good, the bad and the silly. Darby Bannard

Ideas Don't Matter  - How literary ideas subvert and vitiate art. John Link

Craft and Art Envy  - Craft has it's own high integrity. Keep it that way. Darby Bannard

Abstract Art The Present Situation  - The best painting of our time is being overlooked. Kenworth Moffett

Glorious Minor Art  - Obsessing on "major" blinds us to the pleasure of art at all levels. John Link

The Hardness of Art  - Art doesn't give a damn about us. Get used to it. John Link

Dead Certainty and the Art of Gerhard Richter  - The coldness of Richter's art is more than skin deep. Franklin Einspruch

Milton Avery and Louise Nevelson at the Lowe  - Two big names in Miami. Darby Bannard

David Smith at the Lowe Museum; Four Painters at Dorsch  - One master, four and more rising. Darby Bannard

Art, Intuition, and "Understanding"  - Art cannot be understood; it can only be experienced. John Griefen

Susan Roth's Toughness  - Roth's pictures are difficult but rewarding. John Link

Critical Notes  - Young Miami Postmodernists at MOCA, 80s Expressionism at MOCA, Miriam Schapiro at the Lowe, two new painters at Dorsch. Darby Bannard

Pollock Got Away: A Review of the Movie Pollock  - Admirably meticulous in every detail, the movie does not quite capture the artist himself. Darby Bannard

Apollo on the Muck  - The empty Puritanism of radical kitsch. John Link

Excellence and Postexcellence  - The alien just does not get new art. Darby Bannard

Abstract Painting and Content  - It ain't as easy or as "empty" as you think. Darby Bannard